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Ray Peat diet program

Hypothyroid Treatment program

This program is what you should get if you want to understand our diet and health principles in depth.


Hypothyroidism Diet plan

This plan is for you if you are already familiar with our thyroid-promoting diet principles, and want a simplified overview of the advice.

meal plan Ray peat

Meal guide

If you want meal ideas for our thyroid-supporting diet, this guide is for you.


Calcium Guide

Calcium is very important for good thyroid function. This guide teaches you how to get enough calcium in your daily diet.

protein guide Thyroid problems

Protein Guide

High-quality protein is essential for good thyroid function. This guide teaches you how to get enough high-quality protein in your daily diet.

mushrooms ray peat

Musheroom Guide

In this guide, you can learn about the health benefits of mushrooms.


Vitamins & minerals Guide

In these guides, you will learn which nutritional supplements can be valuable in your recovery from hypothyroidism.


Thyroid supplement Guide

Over-the-counter (OTC) thyroid supplements can significantly improve your thyroid function. This guide presents good thyroid supplements.

Ray Peat Thyroid Medication

Thyroid medication Guide

This guide teaches you about the best types of thyroid medication and how to use them correctly.

intestinal health ray peat

Probiotic Guide

This guide teaches you about beneficial probiotic suppelemnts.

thyroid- progesterone-pregnenolone

Hormonal Support Guide

This guide helps you supplement with the natural hormones progesterone and pregnenolone, which can help you overcome hormonal imbalances and prevent stress and inflammation.

Dr. Ray Peat thyroid counseling

Private Video Counseling

If you need personalized help you can book an online video counseling session with thyroid Specialist, Benedicte Mai Lerche MSc Ph.D.