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Benedicte Lerche MSc PhD

BiochemNordic provides online diet and health services for overcoming thyroid and hormonal imbalances. 

Our services include video counseling and E-learning materials.

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Who is our thyroid specialist, Benedicte M. Lerche MSc Ph.D.?


Audio interviews with our thyroid specialist.

Ray Peat Method

Dr. Ray Peat's thyroid healing method.

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What is hypothyroidism, and how does it affects the body?

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Test your thyroid function at home.

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My Health Journy

How I overcame hypothyroidism.

Diet Plan

The Ray Peat diet presented in a short form.

Calcium Guide

Calcium-rich food for preventing inflammation.

Mushroom Guide

Health benefits of cooked mushrooms.

Natural Thyroid Guide

Over counter natural desiccated thyroid (NDT).

Hormonal Guide

Progesterone and pregnenolone.


Online video counseling sessions.

Treatment program

Dr. Ray Peat's treatment method for hypothyroidism.

Meal Guide

Meal examples of the Ray Peat diet.

Protein Guide

Protein-rich foods for supporting thyroid function.

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Helpful vitamins, minerals, and herbs.

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Prescription thyroid medication.

Probiotic Guide

Probiotic supplements that work!

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