Video Counseling

Nutritional & Metabolic Counseling:

I conduct private video counseling sessions with individuals from around the globe, focusing on your unique health needs and tailoring my health approach accordingly.

How to prepare for your counseling session:

The most effective preparation is to read my book “Test Your Thyroid Function.” This book outlines the crucial blood tests for assessing thyroid function. It also teaches you how to monitor your thyroid function at home using pulse rate and body temperature. The insights you gain from this book will provide a solid foundation for our counseling session.

Google Meet Video Sessions:

These sessions are conducted via Google Meet, a secure platform similar to Zoom or Skype, but without the need for any installations. You’ll receive an invitation link for the session.

Option of Single Session or Package:

You can opt for either a single session or a counseling package. The package, which includes three sessions, is particularly popular for addressing persistent thyroid and hormonal issues, as multiple sessions are often necessary.

Best Approach:

For optimal health results, I recommend combining counseling with my E-learning materials and books.

Have Questions?

For additional information, my FAQ section may provide many of the answers you’re looking for.

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