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Steve wanted help recovering from a severe infection.
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After contracting a life-threatening virus I developed several serious medical issues. Despite medical care, I struggled for three years, not being able to work. I was introduced to the research of Dr. Ray Peat and a friend advised me to consult with Benedicte.
She explained that my symptoms were likely a result of incompletely treated hypothyroidism and wrong nutrition. 
Benedicte explained Dr. Ray Peat's research practically. I understood why good metabolism is key to restoring health. Her recommendations have made tremendous differences in a short period, and her detailed electronic products provided invaluable help. I now use them as long-term references to continue to improve.
I am very grateful for my improved health and for being able to work again. My deepest appreciation for Benedicte's knowledge and guidance.
Oksana wanted to improve her thyroid function
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After years of struggling with damaged metabolism (since childhood), I found myself struggling to maintain my energy levels, weight, and mood while following mainstream health advice. This was when I discovered the health advice of Ray Peat.
But I was somewhat “clumsy” and made many mistakes, in the beginning, implementing his recommendations. Eventually, I started working with Benedicte and it changed my life. At last, everything fell into place helping me to achieve the optimal state of my health and weight. Benedicte is personable, caring, and detail-oriented. But, most importantly, her recommendations work. I would notice a difference within weeks after implementing her advice. Thank you very much for all your amazing work.
Joanna needed help with a thyroid supporting diet.
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If you want to fast-track your way to health with Ray Peat's approach, work with Benedicte. I have been following his approach for a few years, and after contacting her to make refinements, I wish I had gotten her sooner. She is very knowledgeable, and thoroughly understands thyroid, hormonal imbalances, and diet. Working with her is individualized, which has made improvements much faster. Her ability to synthesize and distill the essential principles of his work has made it very easy to understand, not to mention the care she puts into conveying the information. I highly recommend working with her!
Eva needed help increasing her thyroid function & overcoming stress
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When I learned that headaches, digestion, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and even backache, amongst many others, are controlled by thyroid hormones, I finally understood that treating each symptom individually is like putting a plaster on the issue, but not really solving it. Doctors say it's part of aging, and we should get used to it. It’s all about managing the symptoms but not actually treating them. And this is where the teachings of Ray Peat come in and Benedicte, who helps, where doctors fail.

Although I read Ray Peat’s article, bought different programs and read books on the subject of improving my thyroid function, I was only able to commit fully when I started working with Benedicte. Starting on thyroid therapy can bring up some issues and Benedicte explained to me what was happening and how to deal with it. Another advantage of working with Benedicte is that she has done all the research, so is able to recommend the best supplements and a safe over-the-counter thyroid supplement that actually works.

Both me and my husband consulted Benedicte and we are very pleased with the results and feel we made the right choice going straight to the source rather than sifting through the countless confusing information on the internet. Another reason why we chose to work with Benedicte is that she is the only practitioner that Ray Peat recommends on his website.

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