This book serves as the second volume in my Amazon book series titled “Healing Metabolism.”

Test your thyroid function
" Test Your Thyroid Function "

Book Description:

👉 Are you aware that you can have hypothyroidism even when your thyroid blood tests appear normal?

👉 In ‘Test Your Thyroid Function,’ I address this critical issue, presenting a more effective method for detecting hypothyroidism based on thyroid expert Dr. Ray Peat.

👉 The book demystifies the causes of low thyroid function and provides essential information about metabolism. 

👉 The book guides readers through essential blood tests for diagnosing hypothyroidism, including TSH, T4, T3, rT3, and thyroid antibodies.

 👉 The book makes clear distinction between optimal and so-called normal thyroid test ranges, assisting in the accurate interpretation of lab results.

👉 The book also offers practical techniques for at-home thyroid testing, such as measuring pulse rate and body temperature, alongside a thorough symptom assessment.

👉 This step-by-step guide is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to effectively identify hypothyroidism and proactively monitor and understand their thyroid health.

👉 The book is essential reading for anyone wanting to prepare for a counseling session with me. The insights and test results obtained from this book will significantly help in the assessment of your thyroid function, laying the ground for the best treatment approach.

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