Who is Dr. Ray Peat?

A Dedication To Dr. Ray Peat

This website is gratefully dedicated to the memory of Dr. Ray Peat. His outstanding health research and invaluable advice played a crucial role in my recovery from metabolic and hormonal imbalances.

The purpose of this website and my books is to offer a detailed and understandable presentation of Dr. Ray Peat’s health principles. This will enable others to restore their metabolism using his transformative health approach.

Why is Dr. Ray Peat
Dr. Raymond Franklin Peat

About Dr. Ray Peat

Raymond Franklin Peat (1936-2022), a distinguished American scholar with a Ph.D. in biology, dedicated over half a century to investigating the intricate relationship between nutrition, hormones, and health. His pioneering contributions in the fields of metabolism and thyroid function have left an indelible impact on countless lives, including my own.

Dr. Ray Peat viewed optimal thyroid function as a fundamental element of overall wellness. He contended that many individuals were experiencing a variety of symptoms that could be effectively addressed through accurate diagnosis and targeted treatment of hypothyroidism.

In his extensive research, Dr. Peat examined topics such as the best dietary practices for promoting thyroid health, effective thyroid medications, and the role of related hormones like natural progesterone and pregnenolone.

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