Holistic thyroid treatment?

I have an MSc in biochemistry from the University of Copenhagen and a Ph.D. in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark. 

Through my company BiochemNordic, I offer a holistic thyroid treatment for overcoming symptoms of hypothyroidism and hormonal imbalances. The method includes diet, supplements, and hormonal support compounds as well as thyroid replacement therapy. BiochemNordic’s holistic thyroid treatment method is based on my own recovery from thyroid and hormonal problems. 

Benedicte Lerche MSc PhD Thyroid expert
Thyroid Specialist Benedicte Mai Lerche MSc Phd
Dr.-Ray-Peat thyroid-test

How I Overcame Hypothyroidism?

In my early 20ties, I had severe hypothyroidism and I tried a number of different therapies, both from established doctors but also more alternative therapies, but nothing really worked. 

Luckily I eventually found the holistic thyroid research of Dr. Ray Peat, which literally saved my health. His holistic thyroid advice helped me understand my body and how the low thyroid function created my symptoms. After implementing Dr. Ray Peat’s holistic health principles I quickly regained my health. I aim at helping others with thyroid and hormonal problems using the treatment method of Dr. Ray Peat. 

How our hypothyroid treatment can help you?

BiochemNordic’s services help you use Dr. Ray Peat’s thyroid and hormonal healing method. The products present the same diet and health principles as I used for overcoming my symptoms of hypothyroidism and hormonal imbalances.

Since Dr. Ray Peat’s research can be very difficult to understand if you do not have a science background, the aim of BiochemNordic’s products is to present his health principles in a structured way! Thereby,  giving you the knowledge you need in order to take control of your health and overcome low thyroid function, and hormonal problems once and for all!