About me

hello, I'm Benedicte Mai Lerche MSc PhD


My educational background includes a Master of Science in Biochemistry from the University of Copenhagen and a Ph.D. in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark.

My Aim

I am deeply dedicated to helping you navigate the complexities of low thyroid function and hormonal imbalances. On this platform, I offer personalized video counseling and an extensive range of e-learning materials, all focused on supporting and guiding you through your health journey. Additionally, my “Healing Metabolism” book series delves into a variety of metabolic health aspects, providing essential insights.

Health Philosophy

My main emphasis lies in optimizing metabolism and boosting cellular energy production. I impart insights on various topics such as dietary guidelines, supplements, thyroid medication, hormonal support compounds, light therapy, and more. To gain a deeper understanding of my health methodology, I invite you to explore further details here.

Dr. Ray Peat's principles for nutritional and metabolic regeneration

Benedicte Mai Lerche, Biochemist MSc PhD

Inspired by Dr. Ray Peat

My passion for health, particularly in the realm of metabolic health, was kindled by my own struggles with hypothyroidism and hormonal imbalances in my early twenties.

These challenges not only laid the groundwork for my profound interest in metabolism but also led me to seek various treatments.

However, the significant turning point in my health journey came when I connected with Dr. Ray Peat. His innovative approach and groundbreaking insights were instrumental in my swift transition from battling debilitating hypothyroid symptoms to achieving vibrant health.

This transformation serves as the foundation for my book “How I Overcame Hypothyroidism,” where I share my personal health journey and introduce Dr. Ray Peat’s health principles.

Through the services I provide through this website and my Amazon book series, I am dedicated to sharing Dr. Ray Peat’s life-altering principles with others who are facing similar health challenges, guiding them toward a path of improved metabolic health and well-being.

How i overcame Hypothyroidism
How I Overcame Hypothyroidism

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