Probiotics That Work (E-Guide)

In this online guide, you will learn about which types of probiotics are effective, and why most common probiotic supplements don’t work! Learn more below.

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Gut flora imbalance: 

Overgrowth of bad bacteria in the intestine can lead to irritable bowel syndrome with digestive discomfort, constipation, and or diarrhea.

Gut flora imbalance can also contribute to systemic inflammation, hormonal imbalance, impaired immune function, thyroid issues, skin problems, and even high blood pressure.

Balancing gut flora with effective probiotics can therefore have long-ranging positive effects on the whole body.

Effective probiotic?

However, not all probiotics are equal, and common probiotics supplements are not beneficial!

According to Dr. Ray Peat, the only probiotics that are effective are the ones that have an antibiotics-like function.

These effective probiotics don’t harm good bacteria but target and kill specific unwanted bacteria in the human digestive tract and when the unwanted bacteria die, they serve as feed for the good bacteria, further improving gut flora.

This guide helps you understand the different types of probiotics and which you should choose if you want to improve your gut flora.

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  1. Stig

    After reading this guide I immediately bought the recommended probiotics with BiochemNordic’s discount. I have suffered from serious digestive problems with severe pain and discomfort. After using these probiotics my digestion is so much better, and I have much more energy.

  2. Constantin

    I have read the article on Probiotics, and will try to buy one of the products recommended. Good that one can get a small discount as the pills are not cheap, Thanks !

  3. Julie

    Great article on probiotics – Now I know which to choose so I don’t waste money on products that do not work.

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