Understand Vitamin D (E-Guide)

This online guide explains the importance of vitamin D. You will learn about the functions of vitamin D, and how to supplement with vitamin D the right way.

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Many people are low in vitamin D and it creates the base for serious health problems. There is a lot of confusion in the medical world about vitamin D. In this guide, you will learn about the different forms of vitamins, as related to the research of Dr. Ray Peat.

This guide explains:

  1. Symptoms of vitamin D deficiency
  2. The three forms of vitamin D
  3.  The function of Vitamin D3
  4. The function of storage of vitamin D
  5. The function of activated vitamin D
  6. Bad and good forms of vitamin D
  7. Why a diet low in vitamin D3 and calcium creates inflammation.
  8. How vitamin D is involved in calcium regulation.
  9. The interplay between Parathyroid Hormone, PTH, and vitamin D.
  10.  Blood test for vitamin D
  11. What is the best blood level of vitamin D
  12. Foods high in vitamin D3
  13. How much vitamin D can I get from sunlight?
  14. Best types of vitamin D supplements.
  15. Should I supplement with vitamin D?
  16. What is a safe daily dosage of vitamin D?
  17. When to use a large dosage of Vitamin D?
  18. How a sluggish liver influences your vitamin D level.
  19. How calcium works together with vitamin D?
  20. Should I use a calcium supplement?
  21. Other vitamins and minerals that work together with vitamin D.


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