Thyroid Supporting Protein (E-Guide)

This online guide explains why high-quality protein is crucial for good thyroid function, what kinds of protein are best, and how much is needed per day. The information is based on Dr. Ray Peat’s thyroid-supporting diet.

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Protein deficiency cause hypothyroidism:

A high daily intake of quality protein is essential for good liver function.

The liver takes care of most of the activation of the storage thyroid hormone (T4) to the active thyroid hormone (T3). A sluggish liver decreases the production of T3 and causes hypothyroidism on the cellular level.

The liver is also essential for the detoxification and secretion of harmful substances such as estrogen and endotoxins (intestinal toxins). When the liver is underperforming estrogen and endotoxins build up and create hormonal disturbances and general inflammation.

Our hypothyroid treatment program provides more information about the liver’s role in metabolism, and how you can help your liver perform better, with the right diet and vitamins.

Support your liver with high-quality protein:

To function optimally, the liver needs large amounts of high-quality protein daily.

Our thyroid-supporting diet principles are based on the research of Dr. Ray Peat, a world-leading thyroid expert who for more than 40 years has researched the interactions of hormones, nutrition, and health.

According to Dr. Ray Peat, many people are not getting enough quality protein.

This guide helps you select foods that are high in quality protein.

This guide provides information on: 

  • How much protein is needed per day?
  • How to get enough protein with the Ray Peat diet?
  • What types of protein is of high quality and which are of low quality?
  • Which types of protein should you stay away from as they suppress your thyroid function.
  • How you should change your protein intake depending on your age.
  • What are good animal protein sources?
  • What are good vegetable protein sources?
  • What is the protein content in recommended high-quality protein-rich foods?

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    Short but precise guide that explains clearly how protein affect your thyroid!

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