Thyroid Supporting Light Therapy (E-Guide)

The right type of light is essential to good health including good thyroid function and hormonal balance. This guide provides information on the benefits of sunlight as well as light therapy lamps with the right type of wavelength.

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A lack of exposure to light damages the body in many ways.

According to Dr. Ray Peat, daily exposure to the right type of light is central to good health, it has the same protective effects as thyroid hormone, progesterone, and pregnenolone.

Sunlight is generally protective and dark and cloudy weather or staying indoors all day can produce symptoms of stress and inflammation as well as hormonal and thyroid problems.

In the winter or in northern cloudy weather, where sunlight is inadequate, using light therapy is thus beneficial.

Many light therapy lamps provide the wrong type of light. Some are without much benefit and others are dangerous to use. This guide provides information on:

  1.  Light is waves
  2. What wavelengths are beneficial to health
  3. The benefits of sunlight
  4. The benefits of red and orange light
  5. Incandescent light therapy
  6. LED light therapy
  7. What are good Light therapy lamps
  8. Product links to light therapy lamps for Europe and USA.



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