Desiccated Thyroid Over The Counter (E-Guide)

This online guide teaches you about over-the-counter desiccated thyroid supplements, that can help your thyroid function if you do not have a prescription for thyroid hormone.

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What is natural desiccated thyroid:

Natural desiccated thyroid (NDT) also called thyroid extract is a dried powdered thyroid gland from an animal, usually from a pig (porcine thyroid) but it can also be from a cow (bovine thyroid).

Natural desiccated thyroid was the first type of thyroid replacement therapy available. Today they are still used to treat hypothyroidism. Some of the thyroid extracts are prescription drugs, whereas others non-prescription supplements.

Support your metabolic rate with thyroid extract.

Natural thyroid extract can be helpful in supporting your metabolic rate. A reliable over-the-counter desiccated thyroid supplement must contain the whole thyroid gland prepared freeze-dried so all naturally occurring compounds remain intact in the product. This guide provides product recommendations for trusted thyroid extracts.

Buy natural desiccated thyroid supplements?

This guide provides product recommendations for trusted thyroid extracts, as well as detailed instructions on how to use thyroid extracts correctly.

Follow your thyroid function:

This guide provides important information on thyroid blood tests, as well as how you can use pulse temperature as well as symptoms to estimate your thyroid function.

This guide provides information on:

  • What is natural desiccated thyroid?
  • What information do thyroid blood tests provide?
  • Determine your thyroid function using pulse, temperature, symptoms, and blood tests.
  • Do you need thyroid replacement therapy?
  • What are the different types of thyroid replacement therapy?
  • What is the best type of thyroid replacement therapy?
  • What is a good thyroid extract?
  • How to use natural desiccated thyroid?
  • How to find the optimal thyroid dosage of your thyroid supplement?
  • How increasing your thyroid function can create a nutritional deficiency?
  • Why using a thyroid-supporting diet is necessary for successful thyroid optimization.
  • Why supplementing with pregnenolone and progesterone can be helpful while increasing your thyroid function.

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2 reviews for Desiccated Thyroid Over The Counter (E-Guide)

  1. Wojciech Majda

    That’s a concise and precise guide that will help you get what you need (an OTC NDT that’s working). It feels like it’s a bit pricey, but trust me, you will save money big time. But what’s even more important is you will not waste your health and life being on “thyroid supplements” without active thyroid hormones!

  2. Stig

    I was looking for thyroid products on the internet, but I was confused until I found your site, and read your guide. You give a thorough review of different supplements available, and as I am living in Europe, I find it very useful you have separated the list in one for the US and one Europe. Thank you!

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