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Natural Desiccated Thyroid Guide

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If you want to boost your thyroid function and you do not have a prescription for thyroid hormone, using a reliable over-the-counter natural desiccated thyroid supplement can be very helpful. This guide helps you buy and use over-the-counter practitioner strength desiccated thyroid supplements. Learn more about this guide below.



Do I need a thyroid supplement?

Your thyroid gland controls your metabolic rate and thereby the energy production in each cell of your body. Low thyroid function also called hypothyroidism creates many symptoms as your organs and tissues are not functioning optimally. The thyroid function can become underactive for example after a period of stress, illness, the wrong diet, pregnancy, and so forth. In cases where your body doesn’t resume its natural thyroid function, even after implementing our thyroid promoting diet and lifestyle principles, you may need thyroid replacement therapy either in the form of thyroid medication or an over-the-counter (non-prescription) desiccated thyroid supplement.

What is the best thyroid replacement therapy?

The best thyroid replacement therapy is one that contains both of the thyroid hormones that are naturally produced by the human thyroid gland, meaning both T4 and T3. Most people with hypothyroidism are prescribed medication with T4 only.  If you have problems converting T4 to T3 (which is often the case if you have been hypothyroid for a long time) a medication with only T4 will not help you fully. We, therefore, recommend a thyroid replacement therapy with both T4 and T3 in ratios similar to that secreted by the human thyroid gland.

BiochemNordic does not prescribe medication, but we often work with people that are on prescription thyroid medication from their doctor. If you wish to know more about different kinds of synthetic thyroid medication, and how best to use them our Hypothyroid Treatment Program goes into detail about this subject. This guide helps you purchase and use over-the-counter desiccated thyroid.

Is natural desiccated thyroid a prescription?

Natural desiccated thyroid (NDT) also called thyroid extract is a dried powdered thyroid gland from an animal, usually from a pig (porcine thyroid) but it can also be from a cow (bovine thyroid). Since desiccated thyroid products contain a ratio of T4 to T3 similar to the human thyroid gland they are the ideal thyroid replacement therapy. Both prescription and over-the-counter desiccated thyroid products exist. If you do not have a prescription for thyroid an over-the-counter (non-prescription) desiccated thyroid supplement can be very helpful.

Are over-the-counter desiccated thyroid reliable?

It is important to know that many over-the-counter desiccated thyroid supplements on the market do not have any thyroid activity, as they have had the thyroid hormones removed, which is often not stated on the package. When choosing an over-the-counter desiccated thyroid product, it is very important that it contains the whole thyroid gland prepared freeze-dried so all of the naturally occurring factors including the thyroid hormones remain intact in the product. It is important that nothing is removed from the glandular material – that it is simply the whole gland. This guide presents over-the-counter desiccated thyroid products, that comply with this manufacturing process.

How to buy desiccated thyroid over the counter?

In this guide, we provide you with the information you need to buy practitioner-strength over-the-counter desiccated thyroid supplements. We recommend certain practitioner-strength products. These desiccated thyroid products are only sold through practitioners, such as BiochemNordic because they have a high thyroid activity. This guide presents three high-quality practitioner-strength desiccated thyroid products, which you will be able to purchase through the manufacturers because you have BiochemNordic as your practitioner. This guide includes clear instructions on how to buy practitioner strength desiccated thyroid over the counter from three different reliable manufacturers. One product is for European clients and the others are for clients situated in the USA and other places in the world, so there should be a practitioner strength desiccated thyroid product for you.

How to use natural desiccated thyroid?

When using our recommend practitioner strength desiccated thyroid products, you need to know how to take a desiccated thyroid supplement and how to find your optimal thyroid dosage, this guide helps you do just that. In addition, diet and nutritional supplements should also be optimized as your body is now functioning at a higher energy level, where the nutritional requirements are larger. In our Hypothyroid Treatment Program, you can learn much more about our diet and nutritional principles. Some people that have been low thyroid for a long time often compensated with high-stress hormones, which can create problems when starting a thyroid supplement. Using simulations supplementation with the body’s natural anti-stress hormones meaning supplementation with progesterone and pregnenolone can often be very helpful in order to avoid unpleasant stress symptoms while increasing your metabolic rate. Our Hormonal Support Guide provides information on how to use progesterone and pregnenolone supplements.

Difficulties when using a natural desiccated thyroid supplement?

When taking thyroid support supplements, it is recommended to investigate more of our material, especially our Hypothyroid Treatment Program, and our Hormonal Support Guide. Importantly this guide can be bought in a package deal with both the Hypothyroid Treatment Program and the Hormonal Support Guide. Many aspects of using thyroid supplements can be very difficult and we urge you to sign up for private online video consultation if you experience any difficulty using our recommend natural desiccated thyroid supplements. You can also take a look at our blog post on thyroid medication.

This guide provides information on:

  • What is natural desiccated thyroid?
  • How do doctors determine thyroid function?
  • What information do thyroid blood tests provide?
  • Are thyroid blood tests reliable in determining thyroid function?
  • How to best determine your thyroid function?
  • How to know if you need thyroid replacement therapy?
  • What are the different types of thyroid replacement therapy?
  • What is the difference between prescription and non-prescription thyroid therapy?
  • What is the best type of thyroid replacement therapy?
  • Do non-prescription natural thyroid therapy work?
  • What are reliable brands of non-prescription thyroid supplements?
  • How to purchase partitioner strength non-prescription thyroid supplements?
  • How to use natural desiccated thyroid supplements?
  • How to find your optimal thyroid dosage?
  • How increasing your thyroid function can create a nutritional deficiency?
  • Why using a thyroid-supporting diet is necessary for successful thyroid optimization.
  • Why simulations supplementing with pregnenolone and progesterone can be helpful, while you increase your thyroid function.

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