Thyroid Specialist, Benedicte Lerche MSc PhD

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Thyroid Medication Guide

This guide explains our recommendations on thyroid medications. We do not prescribe or sell any medication, thus this guide is meant as a guide for you who are on prescription thyroid medication from your doctor, and want to know more about good kinds of thyroid replacement therapy and how to use it correctly.



Our recommendations on thyroid medications are based on the research of Dr. Ray Peat, a world-leading thyroid expert.

The important thing when using a thyroid replacement therapy is to use a product with both of the thyroid hormones meaning both T4 and T3.

In this guide, we present important information on both prescription natural desiccated thyroid as well as synthetic thyroid hormone medications.

If you do not have a prescription for thyroid hormone our Natural Desiccated Thyroid Guide presents good brands of over-the-counter natural desiccated thyroid supplements.

This Guide includes information on:

  • The importance of using a combination drug containing therapy with both T4 and T3.
  • The problem with a T4 only medication
  • Important information on Natural Dissected Thyroid (NDT)?
  • The story of Armour Thyroid
  • The best natural desiccated thyroid brands
  • Synthetic thyroid replacement therapy
  • Strength conversion between natural desiccated thyroid and synthetic thyroid products.
  • Information on Dr. Ray Peat recommended synthetic thyroid replacement drugs.
  • What is a normal adult daily dosage of thyroid hormone?
  • How to use thyroid replacement therapy?
  • Why do some people need extra T3?
  • Dosage examples of synthetic and natural thyroid products.
  • Why is it necessary to go slow when starting up on thyroid medication?
  • How to use pulse, temperature, and symptoms to evaluate the effect of your thyroid medication.
  • How increasing your metabolism can reveal a nutritional deficiency?
  • Why do some people have negative symptoms from starting a thyroid medication?
  • How progesterone and pregnenolone supplements can help stabilize your body while increasing your thyroid function.


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