Thyroid Supporting Supplements (E-Guide)

This online guide helps you use vitamins, minerals, herbs, and supper-foods as part of a thyroid-promoting lifestyle. See more below.

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Beneficial nutritional supplements?

This guide provides information on a large number of nutritional supplements including vitamins, minerals, herbs, as well as superfoods.

You will learn how specific supplements can benefit your thyroid function and hormonal balance. The guide also provides specific product and dosage recommendations for each type of supplement and superfood.

Harmful nutritional supplement:

It is important to know that many supplements contain dangerous fillers and binders. This guide only presents products that are safe, clean, and high-quality.

Dangerous nutritional supplement:

This guide also provides crucial information on what common types of supplements, you should avoid at all costs, as they inhibit your thyroid function or damage your health in order ways.

Discount on supplements: 

You get 5 % off all products by using our discount code (shopping instructions are presented in the guide). The products we present in this guide are shipped to all countries.

This guide also explains:

  • How your daily dosage of vitamin A depends on your thyroid function.
  • The best type of B-complex products?
  • The importance of the different B-vitamins.
  • How vitamin B1 can help prevent stress and improve memory.
  • How vitamin B3  has antiaging properties.
  • How vitamin B5 can help low blood sugar problems.
  • How vitamin B6 can lower prolactin – prolactin promotes inflammation hair loss.
  • The importance of vitamin D and how much vitamin D you need daily?
  • How much vitamin E do you need daily to protect against free radicals.
  • The importance of vitamin K2 and different dosage recommendation for K2.
  • The role of calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, and selenium.
  • What minerals are needed for activation of the thyroid hormone (T4 to T3 conversion).
  • How the herb Cascara Sagrada can improve digestion?
  • How to use sulfur powder to fight intestinal infections?
  • How oregano oil can improve intestinal health?
  • How to use fructose powder to help blood sugar problems?
  • How to use gelatin powder as a high-quality protein source?
  • What nutritional supplements you should never use!

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2 reviews for Thyroid Supporting Supplements (E-Guide)

  1. Lotte

    Very good descriptions of different vitamins and other supplements, and also how they affect your body.

  2. Konstantin

    Good information, especially I like the walkthru of “The Best Clean Supplements Brands”, which can be overwhelming to do yourself.

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