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Nutritional Supplement Guide

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You can boost your thyroid function and hormonal balance naturally by using selected nutritional supplements. We recommend certain vitamins, minerals, and herbs. It is important to select high-quality products and avoid common supplements that can suppress metabolism and promote inflammation. See more about this guide below.



This guide provides you with a detailed supplement program with vitamins, minerals, and herbs. You get specific product and dosage recommendations for a large number of useful nutritional supplements. The dosage recommendation of each supplement makes it easy for you to use the individual products correctly. This guide also provides important information on which commonly promoted supplements, you should avoid, as they damage your health.

Thyroid support supplements to clients from all over the world: 

In this guide we present products from an American supplement shop, you get 5 % off all products by using BiochemNordic’s discount code ( shopping instructions is presented in the guide) . The American supplement shop ships to all countries, and if you choose to pay taxes upon checkout, your package will be sent directly to you, without any custom problems.

This Supplement Guide Provides Information About:

  • The importance of Vitamin A and how your daily dosage of vitamin A depends on your thyroid function.
  • The best type of B-complex products?
  • The importance of the different B-vitamins, and dosage recommendations for B1, B3, B5, B6.
  • How vitamin B1 can help prevent stress and improve memory.
  • How vitamin B3  has antiaging properties.
  • How vitamin B5 can help low blood sugar problems.
  • How vitamin B6 can lower prolactin (elevated prolactin promotes inflammation and leads to hair loss.)
  • The importance of vitamin D and how much vitamin D you need daily?
  • How much vitamin E you need daily to protect against free radicals.
  • The importance of vitamin K2 and dosage recommendation for K2.
  • The role of calcium, zinc, copper, and selenium, and individual dosage recommendation for each mineral.
  • Digestive supportive herbs and compounds.
  • How to use the herb Cascara Sagrada to improve your health and digestion?
  • How to use sulfur powder to fight intestinal bacteria and fungus overgrowth?
  • How oregano oil can improve intestinal health?
  • How to use fructose powder to improve blood sugar problems?
  • How to use gelatine powder as a high-quality protein source?
  • List of common nutritional supplements that should be avoided, and information about how these supplements harm your health.


What Vitamins and minerals are good for the thyroid?

If you are increasing your thyroid function with medication or our natural desiccated thyroid supplement it is important to know that the requirements for nutrients also rise.

In this guide, you will learn about what vitamins and minerals are essential for optimal thyroid function, including the conversion of the storage hormone T4 to the active thyroid T3, and what vitamins and minerals are among the first to become deficient when you increase your metabolic rate.

What are the best clean supplements brands?

When using nutritional supplements it is very important to avoid products with dangerous fillers and binders. This guide only includes safe and clean high-quality supplements.

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