This book serves as the first volume in my Amazon book series titled “Healing Metabolism.”

Book Description:

🤔 In How I Overcame Hypothyroidism,” I chronicle my own health journey and describe how I went from a life plagued by hypothyroidism to one of vibrant wellness, all under the guidance of the esteemed American thyroid expert Dr. Ray.

👉Throughout the book, I use my personal experience as a practical and relatable example, illuminating Dr. Ray Peat’s philosophy on health, particularly emphasizing the vital role of thyroid function in overall well-being.

👉In an easy-to-understand overview form, this book explains how I integrated Dr. Ray Peat’s advice, including dietary principles, specific nutritional supplements, thyroid medication, hormonal support compounds, and light therapy to regain my health. 

👉This book is particularly vital for those new to Dr. Peat’s research, as it offers a clear insight into his health philosophy.

👉This philosophy is not only insightful in its own right but also forms the foundation of the health method I employ to assist clients in overcoming their metabolic and hormonal imbalances. 

👉You can read the full Amazon book description here!

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