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Hormonal Support Guide

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Progesterone and pregnenolone are the body’s natural anti-stress and anti-aging hormones. Supplementing these natural hormones has many protective health benefits. This guide helps you purchase high-quality supplements of progesterone and pregnenolone, as well as use these supplements correctly. Learn more about this guide below:



What does a progesterone supplement do?

Progesterone is the most protective hormone produced by the body. A supplement of natural progesterone can be used by both women and men, although men should use a lower dosage. Natural progesterone has strong anti-stress, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory properties. Natural progesterone also supports immune function and thyroid function.

can natural progesterone cure estrogen dominance?

Progesterone is the body’s natural anti-estrogen, neutralizing, destroying, and eliminating estrogen. Supplementation with natural progesterone thus prevents estrogen dominance.

Progesterone supplementation and thyroid function?

Progesterone promotes the secretion of thyroid hormone from the thyroid gland, especially when the thyroid function is inhibited by excess estrogen. The use of natural progesterone can help re-establish the balance between estrogen and progesterone, thereby normalizing thyroid function. In the case of a visual enlargement of the thyroid gland (goiter), it is important to use a reliable thyroid supplement to support and shrink the thyroid gland, before starting on a natural progesterone supplement. This guide provides further instruction on using a natural progesterone supplement correctly.

What is pregnenolone used for?

Pregnenolone is a substance produced naturally in the human body. It is not really a hormone, but a precursor to our protective anti-stress and anti-aging hormones. Pregnenolone production is very high in youth but decreases with age and in situations of stress and disease. If pregnenolone levels are low, supplementation with pregnenolone stabilizes the hormonal balance to a youthful state, where cells function optimally. Supplementation with pregnenolone is generally helpful in correcting symptoms of inflammation and stress.

Does pregnenolone help thyroid function?

Supplementation with pregnenolone supports the function of the thyroid gland. It is often very useful to combine thyroid replacement therapy with a pregnenolone supplement. If you are working on increasing your thyroid function with our natural thyroid supplements or thyroid medication, simultaneously using pregnenolone can relieve negative stress symptoms, which sometimes occur as a result of pushing your metabolic rate to a higher level. You can learn more about the use of pregnenolone to support your thyroid function in this guide.

Buy over counter natural progesterone and pregnenolone?

Not all progesterone and pregnenolone supplements are equally good. It is important that the progesterone and pregnenolone products are formulated correctly. This guide helps you purchase high-quality natural progesterone and pregnenolone supplements from our selected suppliers. This guide presents progesterone and pregnenolone products from both American and EU suppliers, thus no matter where you are in the world you should be able to buy high-quality progesterone and pregnenolone supplements. This guide also offers BiochemNordic’s discount codes, so you can buy these supplements with a BiochemNordic discount.

Can you take pregnenolone and progesterone together?

Supplementation with natural progesterone and pregnenolone can be used individually or together. It is important to use the optimal dosage of progesterone and pregnenolone for your body. This guide provides information on how to use supplements of pregnenolone and progesterone correctly.

Progesterone and pregnenolone together with thyroid replacement therapy are the cornerstones of our supplementation program for shifting your body to a higher metabolic state where repair and healing can take place. It is important to combine these supplements with the right diet. You can learn about our diet recommendations in our Hypothyroid Treatment Program. Importantly this Hormonal Support guide can be bought in combination with the Natural Desiccated Thyroid Guide and the Hypothyroid Treatment program in our Hypothyroid Cure Package.

This Guide Provide Information On:

  • The function of progesterone and pregnenolone in the body
  • The dangers of progestins (artificial progesterone)
  • The problem with many natural progesterone supplements?
  • The difference between Dr. Ray Peat’s progesterone oil and other natural progesterone supplements.
  • Why is Dr. Ray Peat’s progesterone (which is also called Progest-E) so effective?
  • Many pregnenolone supplements are not reliable.
  • High-quality pregnenolone supplements
  • How to buy Dr. Ray Peat’s Progesterone (Progest-E) in the EU and USA?
  • How to buy high-quality pregnenolone in the EU and USA?
  • BiochemNordic’s discount codes for progesterone and pregnenolone
  • How to use Dr. Ray Peat’s progesterone orally?
  • How to use Dr. Ray Peat’s progesterone on the skin?
  • The difference between oral and transdermal use of progesterone?
  • How can men use progesterone?
  • How should menstruation and non-menstruating women use progesterone?
  • Finding your optimal progesterone dosage?
  • How to use pregnenolone?
  • How to know if you need pregnenolone?
  • Finding your optimal dosage of pregnenolone?

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