What Every Hypothyroidism Patient Should Know!

Thyroid treat method


The usual treatment for hypothyroidism is based on the wrong type of medication, and does not take diet and other hormonal imbalances into account. The correct treatment for hypothyroidism involves diet, supplements and correct medication, which contains a mixture of both of the body's naturally thyroid hormones meaning T4 and T3.

Hypothyroidism – How To Find The Right Treatment?

The reason why it is hard to find the right treatment plan for hypothyroidism is that the old ways of treating low thyroid function have been lost, and doctors nowadays are not taught to listen to the patient’s symptoms, and instead, they go by blood test only.

How To Overcome Hypothyroid Symptoms

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Can Changing Your Diet Affect Your Thyroid?

Most people on a normal western diet are eating foods that directly inhibit thyroid function and depriving the body of essential food groups which can promote good hormonal balance. BiochemNordic’s health method includes a thyroid promoting diet which

What Is The Best Medication For Hypothyroidism?

The best thyroid medication is a mixture of T4 and T3.
T3 is the active thyroid hormone, that promotes cellular energy production. Whereas T4 is a storage hormone, which is turned into T3 in the body´s tissues.

Most doctors treat hypothyroidism with a T4 (levothyroxine) only medication such as L -Troxin or Synthroid and that can create serious issues of T4 poisoning, as too much T4 has anti-thyroid effects on its own.

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Is There Side Effects Of Thyroid Medication?

Starting up on thyroid medication can be difficult and in the beginning, taking thyroid medication can actually worsen symptoms. Therefore starting up on thyroid medication has to be done very slowly especially if you are severely hypothyroid.

In addition, using supplementation of the body’s natural hormones pregnenolone and/or progesterone can relieve the negative stress symptoms, which sometimes occur as a result of pushing the metabolic rate to a higher level.

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