Five Hypothyroidism Treatment Principles

Diet and lifestyle program for treating hypothyroidism based on the research of Dr. Ray Peat


The 5 principles for overcoming hypothyroidism includes: Diet, nutritional supplements, hormonal support compounds, thyroid replacement therapy, and light therapy. These 5 health principles shift your body to a higher energy state with good thyroid function and hormonal balance.

What Is The Best Treatment For Hypothyroidism?

The best treatment for hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid function) is composed of five principles:

1. A thyroid supporting diet
2. vitamins and minerals that support a good hormonal balance
3. Thyroid replacement therapy with both T4 and T3
4. Supplementation with the body’s natural protective hormones.
5. Light therapy to the hormonal balance

I have suffered from hypothyroidism myself and tried many unsuccessful treatments before finding the research of Dr. Ray Peat.
From Dr. Ray’s Peat, I learned the diet and health principles that support thyroid function and the hormonal balance. Our Hypothyroid treatment program is inspired by the health advice of Dr. Ray Peat and my own experiences with recovering from hypothyroidism and hormonal imbalance.

1. What Is The Best Thyroid Diet?

The best thyroid diet is a diet that supports thyroid function on every level, meaning the production of the thyroid hormones in the thyroid gland, the transport of the thyroid hormones in the blood, and the conversion of the inactive storage home T4 to T3 as well as the cells respond to the active thyroid hormone T3.
It is important to know
1. What fats, carbohydrates, and protein sources are good for your thyroid function.
2. What foods should be avoided because they suppress metabolism( thyroid function)
2. What foods support good digestion and which should be avoided, because they feed bad bacteria in the intestine.
3. How you should combine foods for a good thyroid supporting meal.
4. The importance of getting enough cholesterol in your diet
5. The importance of good sugars for improving cellular energy production.
6. Why sugar is not dangerous for your health
7. Why sugar is not causing diabetes or fungus overgrowth
7. How to overcome food intolerances.

The thyroid diet concepts presented in our Hypothyroid Treatment Program concern all these issues and thus focus on a diet that supports thyroid function on every level.

2. Can Nutritional Supplements Help My Thyroid?

Ceratin nutritional supplements are good for your thyroid function whereas others can directly harm your health. Many common nutritional supplements are actually very harmful and can slow down your metabolism, impair your immune system, and create inflammation in your body.

Another issue with supplements, in general, is that they contain binders and fillers, which are supposed to be inert material in the tablets or capsules, but in reality, many of these fillers are creating problems for the body including systemic inflammation.

In order to select the correct nutritional supplements, you will need to know:
1. Which vitamins can help your endocrine function, including your thyroid function
2. What minerals are important for good health
4. What herb can help your digestions and hormonal balance
5. Which remedies can be used to remove fungus such as candida from your gut
6. Which common supplements you should avoid as they can harm your health.

Or hypothyroid treatment program as well as our vitamins and mineral guide helps you use the correct nutritional supplements for supporting your thyroid function.

3. What Is The Best Medication For Low Thyroid Function?

The best medication for Hypothyroidism is a medication that contains both T4 and T3. T4 is a storage hormone and T3 is the active hormone. Both T4 and T3 are secreted by the thyroid gland and transported in the blood to the tissues, where T3 immediately promotes the production of energy in the cells. T4 is a storage hormone that is converted to T3 when the cells need more energy. The main conversion of T4 to T3 takes place in the liver.

Most doctors prescribe a thyroid medication that only contains T4 (levothyroxine), such as the brand names Synthroid and L-toxin. However such medication is not optimal as it needs to be converted to T3 before it can have any action, supplementing with a T4 only medication, puts a strain on your body to convert the thyroid hormone T4 to the active T3. If your body is unable to do this efficiently you will first of all not get enough active thyroid hormones (T3) to your cells, but you will eventually also get poisoned with too much T4, which has an anti-thyroid effect on its own. Therefore BiochemNordic recommends a thyroid medication with both T4 and T3.

In BiochemNordic’s hypothyroid Treatment Program you will learn about:
1. What does the thyroid gland do?
2. Blood test for thyroid function (including T4, T3, TSH)
3. Synthetic versus natural thyroid medication
4. Finding your optimal thyroid dosage
6. How to take thyroid medication/supplements?

4. Does Light Therapy Help Thyroid Function?

If you live in a very dark and cloudy place your thyroid function will be affected negatively. Long hours of darkness affect your hormonal balance by increasing the stress hormone cortisol and also decreasing the production of the good and protective hormones progesterone and pregnenolone. Therefore, not getting enough light damages your whole hormonal balance. In order to help your hormonal balance and thyroid function, you can use light therapy

BiochemNordic’s Hypothyroid Treatment Program helps you use light therapy to increase your thyroid function and support your production of the body’s natural protective and youth associating hormones progesterone, pregnenolone, and DHEA. You will learn why darkness damages the thyroid function and hormonal balance. How light therapy can help your thyroid function and what light therapy lamps are best.

5. How Do Progesterone And Pregnenolone Help The Thyroid?

Supplementation with pregnenolone and progesterone is useful for treating stress and inflammation-related conditions. Both these hormones are effective for preventing stress-related reactions while correcting the thyroid function.

To learn the details the 5 important principles for treating hypothyroidism visit BiochemNordic and read more about the program including the full table of content.

BiochemNordic’s Hypothyroid Treatment Program provides you with the in-depth knowledge you need about these five hypothyroidism treatment principles, so you once and for all can overcome your symptoms of low thyroid function and hormonal imbalances.

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