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Hypothyroidism Diet Plan

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This diet plan goes through all our thyroid healing diet advice in a short resumé form. This diet plan is different from other health diets out there and helps support metabolism and hormonal balance.



What Are The Best Foods To Heal The Thyroid?

A normal western diet includes a lot of foods that directly suppress your thyroid function. BiochemNordic’s thyroid supporting diet focuses on avoiding foods that suppress thyroid function and instead basing the diet on foods that support optimal cellular energy production.

By basing your diet on thyroid-supporting foods you can significantly increase your metabolism. Our diet advice is not just another quick fix, instead, it is built on a deep understanding of how your body works on the biochemical level.

This diet plan goes through all the thyroid healing diet advice of BiochemNordic’s hypothyroid treatment program, in a concise form, without the biochemical explanations, thus presenting our thyroid promoting diet principles in a super simple way!

The plan also includes a pdf version of the summarized diet advice, which you can print and have in your bag when you go grocery shopping, or put on your refrigerator door for easy access to all the thyroid supporting foods.

This hypothyroidism Diet Plan Contains:

  • List of foods that should be avoided because they have an anti-thyroid effect.
  • List of protein-rich foods that are necessary for good thyroid function.
  • List of good quality carbohydrates for supporting thyroid function.
  • List of healthy fats and oils that activate your thyroid function.
  • List of healthy fiber-rich foods that cleanse your intestines.
  • List of recommendable beverages.
  • List of allergenic foods that should be avoided.
  • A short reminder of how to combine foods to avoid blood sugar disturbances.
  • A summary of our thyroid promoting diet advice in pdf version.


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4 reviews for Hypothyroidism Diet Plan

  1. Antonio Sabenca

    Good introduction to start off. Practical info, straight to the point, a good start for the Thyroid Program.

  2. Michael

    I bought this intro program as a guide to how it could help me. I also consulted the Blog with a lot of free material, especially I can recommend the blog regarding “What Is The Best Thyroid Medication”? If you are interested in knowing how your Thyroid influence your health, this is a good website.

  3. Kevin

    I was in doubt about what product to buy from this website. I was told that starting out with this introduction program would be a good choice. From this introduction program, I got information about how BiochemNordic’s services can help me, and I also got a lot of diet information that I can use to improve my hormonal balance.

  4. Kevin

    Amazing! This short version really taught me a lot of useful things about eating the right way in terms of my low thyroid!

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