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Thyroid Consultation Package, 20% Off

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Purchase three thyroid consultation sessions together and save 20 %. We do private online video consultation sessions with people from all over the world. Usually, more than one session is needed to resolve long-term thyroid issues and hormonal problems, therefore we offer this package deal with three sessions. Learn more about the consultation package below:



Purchase three thyroid consultation sessions and save 20 %.

Thyroid and hormonal problems take time and care to resolve. Therefore more than one consultation is usually needed, and we offer this counseling package with three sessions, at the request of our customers.

The sessions take place online via google video call. You do not need to install any program in order to use Google video call. After purchase, you will get access to our consultation booking form, which you need to fill out, then we will get back to you with times and links for the sessions.

In these sessions, we discuss your health situation in order to fine-tune our diet, supplement, and hormonal support compounds to your specific needs.

Especially taking thyroid medication or a thyroid supplement is often tricky as your body needs fine-tuning and adjustment along the way as your body starts healing and your metabolism increases. This counseling package is therefore beneficial.

Our thyroid and hormonal healing method are based on my own recovery from hypothyroidism and hormonal problems.

I was very lucky to come in contact with an American thyroid expert Dr. Ray Peat’s whose health principles helped me overcome my symptoms. Since Dr. Ray Peat’s research can be difficult to understand especially if you do not have a scientific background, these counseling sessions, as well as our online programs and guides, are meant to help you implement Dr. Ray Peat’s unique thyroid healing method so you too can overcome your symptoms of low thyroid function and hormonal imbalances.

You can learn more about our consultation service here!

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After the purchase of this product, you will be given access to the consultation booking form, which you need to fill out.

This form is open for two days and you find the form in the menu bar under the tap My Products. 

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    I needed more than one cosultation, so this was a good choice for me !

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