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Learn how I used diet and supplements to heal my thyroid
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Hypothyroidism Recovery Story

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In this article, I describe how I got ill with hypothyroidism, how difficult it was to find treatment. You will get to know about how I found the research of Dr. Ray Peat, and how he helped me step by step with diet, supplements, and medication to overcome my symptoms of hypothyroidism and hormonal problems. My hypothyroidism recovery story is meant to be an eye-opener and you might find that you recognize many of the issues and struggles I had.



My passion for health and especially the implication of low thyroid function in disease stems from my own struggles with hypothyroidism story. When I was 20 years old I had symptoms of hypothyroidism and hormonal problems, such as severe fatigue, headaches, digestive problems, muscle aches,  allergies, PMS, and so forth.

I owe my journey back to health, to the outstanding work of Dr. Ray Peat, who’s health principles I have applied to my own life ever since.

My hypothyroidism recovery:

In this article, you can read my full health story, and how I used Dr. Ray Peat’s health method to overcome my symptoms of hypothyroidism, as well as all the other health and diet approaches I took that didn’t’ help at all. You will learn how I used Dr. Ray Peat’s diet and health principles to improve my thyroid function, cure my hypoglycemia, and balance my hormones.



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2 reviews for Hypothyroidism Recovery Story

  1. Michael

    Your struggle with getting out of your hypothyroidism, I can recognize in many ways from myself, and I believe there are many out there, who have a low thyroid function, without being diagnosed who could benefit from reading this story. Thanks for sharing it

  2. Stig

    Very interested story. It explains your dedication to help others with the same problems.

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