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Ray Peat thyroid diet:

We use a special diet to support thyroid function and hormonal health. Our diet recommendations are based on the research of Dr. Ray Peat. Dr. Ray Peat is a leading thyroid expert and the Ray Peat diet is getting more and more known in the health community. We always recommend using Dr. Ray Peat’s diet principles before using a thyroid supplement or medication.

A different diet:

The Ray Peat diet is very different from other types of diets. It is not just a quick fix, instead, it is built on a deep understanding of how the body works on the biochemical level. Ray Peat’s diet principles are not meant to be a short-term diet but a new lifestyle where you take control of your health and use the right foods daily to support your thyroid function and cellular energy production.

The western diet and most diet programs contain food that directly inhibits thyroid function, by eliminating these and instead basing the diet on food that supports metabolism and cellular energy production your body is strengthened. Our Hypothyroid Treatment Program goes into detail about Dr. Ray Peat’s diet principles and the biochemical explanation for each diet recommendation.

This package includes:

The Diet Plan goes through Dr. Ray Peat’s thyroid promoting diet principles in a short form, without the biochemical background, thus presenting our diet principles in a super simple way!

The Meal Guide provides meal examples of the Ray Peat diet, thus you will get inspiration of what you can eat, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as snacks and in between meals, when you are following the Ray Peat diet.

The Protein Guide provides information on why high-quality protein is so crucial for good thyroid function and healthy hormonal balance. This guide gives you the information you need to get enough high-quality protein into your daily diet.

The Calcium Guide provides information on how calcium supports a healthy hormonal balance and prevents inflammation and obesity. This guide gives you information on what foods a high in calcium and how you get enough of these calcium-rich foods into your daily diet.

The Mushrooms Guide provides information on the health benefits of mushrooms. This guide teaches you about what mushrooms are beneficial and how you should cook them to obtain optimal benefits.

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