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Red Light Therapy For Hypothyroidism

Red Light Thyroid


Light therapy is useful for a healthy thyroid function and hormonal balance. Especially in dark and cloudy weather light therapy is very important. But what light therapy lamps are providing the right type of light for improving thyroid function and cellular energy?

Why Does Darneskness create Stress?

Darkness increases the stress hormone cortisol, damages mitochondria, and decreases the synthesis of the body’s natural protective hormones including progesterone and pregnenolone. These hormones are part of the body’s natural anti-aging and anti-stress system.

Exposure to long periods of darkness can lead to many symptoms including fatigue, depression, stress symptoms premenstrual syndrome, thyroid issues, and other hormonal imbalances.

Living in a cloudy and dark environment is, therefore, harmful to good health and getting enough bright light every day is important. 

What Are The Benefits Of Sunlight

Sunlight is very beneficial for good health, although it is important to avoid sunburn. You can learn more about the benefits of sunlight in my hypothyroid treatment program module 15.

In the winter or in northern cloudy weather, where sunlight is inadequate, using light therapy lamps is a good choice if you want to protect yourself from the stress of long periods of darkness.

What Are the Benefits Of Light Therapy

There are many light therapies lamps on the market, some are more useful than others. According to Dr. Ray Peat, a good light therapy lamp provides light in the yellow and orange spectrum, these wavelengths are from 600-700 nm. Shorter wavelengths, such as blue light is harmful to cellular energy production, and the longer infrared wavelengths are according to Dr. Ray Peat without much benefit. In Module 15 of my hypothyroid treatment program, you can learn more about the benefits of the right light therapy. 

What are The Best Light Therapy Lamps?

In Module 15 on my hypothyroid treatment program, you can learn more light therapy lamps. You will get specific information on which lamps are recommended by Dr. Ray Peat, both incandescent light and LED light therapy lamps are discussed, and specific lamps are recommended.

Blog Author <br>Thyroid  Specialist<br> Benedicte Lerche MSc PhD

Blog Author
Thyroid Specialist
Benedicte Lerche MSc PhD

I have struggled with hypothyroidism and hormonal problems myself, and I know how hard it is to find the right treatment.

I was very lucky to come in contact with an American Biologist Dr. Ray Peat and with his help and guidance I overcame my symptoms.

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