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Dr. Ray Peat thyroid counseling
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Thyroid specialist Counseling Session

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One hour online counseling with our thyroid specialist. Learn more below:



One on One counseling – 1 hour session:

Our thyroid specialist Benedicte Mai Lerche does online counseling with clients from all over the world. So no matter where you live, you can get expert help overcoming your thyroid issues and hormonal problems.

An online counseling session lasts one hour.

Online session via Google Meet:

The session takes place via google meet. Google Meet is a video-communication service, which is safe and secure. You do not need to install anything to use the Google Meet service.

Upon purchase, you will get access to the counseling booking form. When you have filled out this form and given your time zone, our thyroid specialist will send a Google Meet invitation with the session time.

We go to great lengths to find a time that fits your schedule.

Steps of counseling:

Our health method is based on the research of Dr. Ray Peat and includes different steps, which are the focus of our counseling process.

Step 1:

The first step is to implement our thyroid-supporting diet advice and select nutritional supplements including vitamins, minerals, and herbs.

Step 2:

The next step is to support your thyroid function with thyroid replacement therapy either in the form of over counter products or thyroid medication. BiochemNordic does not prescribe medication, but our thyroid specialists often work with people that are on prescription thyroid hormone from their doctor.

Step 3:

The third step is to supplement with the protective hormones progesterone and pregnenolone. These hormones are naturally produced by the body and have strong anti-aging and anti-stress effects.

Step 4: 

In step four further energy support are introduced. In the case of more severe inflammatory and degenerative conditions, we use several energy supporting compounds that can help your healing process.

Counseling 3 sessions – Package Deal: 

Often more than one session is needed to resolve long standing thyroid and hormonals problems. Therefore we also offer a package deal with 3 session, where you save 20 %.

Open Booking form

After purchase, your account will be granted immediate access to the online booking form:

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Go to the menu bar.
  3. Open the tab “My Products”.
  4. You can now fill out the booking form.

1 review for Thyroid specialist Counseling Session

  1. Julie

    I have worked with Benedicte Mai Lerche for 3 sessions and this was a really good investment. I am now much better at using the thyroid diet and I have gotten good recommendations on vitamins and minerals that can help me further.

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