Benefits of Calcium (E-Guide)

Most people are not getting enough calcium. A calcium deficiency promotes inflammation and inhibits thyroid function. This online guide helps you get enough calcium in your daily diet, it also teaches you about the best calcium supplements and what vitamins and other minerals support healthy calcium metabolism.

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Why is a calcium-rich diet so important?

According to Dr. Ray Peat, the daily calcium intake needs to be very high, and most people are not getting nearly enough calcium.

A calcium deficiency is very problematic for the body, as a lack of calcium leads to a deranged calcium metabolism which promotes inflammation and suppresses metabolism (thyroid function).

In contrast, a high daily calcium intake supports good thyroid function and helps prevents inflammation and obesity.

This guide helps you implement calcium-rich foods into your daily diet. Dairy products are great sources of calcium, but how much of the dairy products are necessary, and are there other foods besides dairy that are high in calcium too? This guide answers these questions.

The calcium paradox

There is a lot of confusion around calcium both in the medical establishment and in the health community. The confusion centers around the calcium paradox: 

” When less calcium is eaten bones release a large amount of calcium, blood calcium increases, along with calcium deposition in many organs and tissues (soft tissue calcification). In addition, the cells take up a large, toxic amount of calcium. Thus eating too little calcium release calcium from the bones, making calcium levels too high in other parts of the body, creating inflammation and disease. “

In this guide, we dive deeper into the consequences of a diet low in calcium, and how a deranged calcium metabolism promotes disease.

Calcium, minerals, and vitamins

The beneficial function of a calcium-rich diet is further supported by specific vitamins as well as other minerals.

Dr. Ray Peat often mentions that thyroid hormones, calcium, and vitamin D work together in promoting metabolism and preventing inflammation and disease. A deficiency of any one of these affects the function of the others, and all three need to be sufficient to obtain good health.

Other specific vitamins and minerals can further help calcium metabolism. This guide provides specific supplement recommendations for these specific minerals and vitamins

Information provided in this guide:

  • How a deficiency of dietary calcium promotes inflammation.
  • How a calcium-rich diet supports metabolism/thyroid function.
  • How calcium helps prevent obesity.
  • How vitamin D and K work together with a calcium-rich diet to promote health.
  • How other specific vitamins and minerals support healthy calcium metabolism.
  • How much calcium is needed per day?
  • What foods are high in calcium?
  • An example of what to eat to have a high daily calcium intake
  • The best types of calcium supplements
  • How to make your own calcium supplement from eggshells.
  • Product recommendation for a good calcium supplement.
  • Product recommendations for minerals and vitamins that further support calcium metabolism.

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