Thyroid Specialist: Benedicte Lerche MSc PhD

Thyroid Diet guides

Thyroid Diet Info

These guides help you implement our diet recommendations into your daily routines. The background knowledge for our thyroid supporting diet advice is presented in our Hypothyroid Treatment Program. 

Our thyroid diet is inspired by the research of Dr. Ray Peat, so if you are not thoroughly familiar with Dr. Ray Peat’s work and his very different views on healthy nutrition, we strongly recommend getting the Hypothyroid Treatment Program before purchasing these guides.

The male guide – presents meal examples of our thyroid supporting diet. Thus giving you ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, as well as snacks that supports your thyroid function.

The calcium guide helps you get enough calcium into to your diet, as calcium is an essential component in a anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

The protein guide helps you include high-quality protein-rich foods into your daily diet, protein is essential for good liver and thyroid function.

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