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Protein Deficiency Causes Hypothyroidism

A protein deficiency is often a contributing factor in hypothyroidism because of the the liver's role in activation of the thyroid hormone. The liver takes care of the majority of the conversion of the inactive thyroid hormone T4 to the active hormone T3. Thus a sluggish liver drastically lowers your metabolism. In order to function optimally, the liver needs a large amount of high-quality protein.

Is Protein Good For Hypothyroidism?

A low protein intake is often contributing to hypothyroidism and hormonal disturbances. A protein rich daily diet is extremely important for a healthy thyroid function and hormonal balance. Your diet plays a huge role in your metabolic rate, and different types of diets can significantly affect your thyroid function either prositively or negatively. BiochemNordic’s hypothyroid treatment program explains our thyroid promoting diet advice in detail.

Does Protein Affect Thyroid Function?

The thyroid gland produces two hormones two-third is T4 and one third is T3. T3 is the active thyroid hormone that control cellular energy production and T4 is a storage homone, which is turned into the active thyroid hormone T3 in the bodies tissues, primarily the liver. Therefore the liver is an essential organ for thyroid function on the cellular level.

A good diet is nessasary for a healthy liver and a protein deficeny significaly reduces liver function and its ability to acitive the thyroid hormone.

Acording to Dr. Ray Peat, many people become hypothyroid because they continuously are on a protein defienct diet, having only around 40 grams of protein dailly, which is not enough. Generally it is important to use a high protein diet daily in order to support liver and thyroid fucntion. It is also important that the protein sources come from high qulity foods that support cellular energy production.

Importantly many protein sources that are promoted as health foods are not suitbale in a thyroid supportive lifestyle as they directly suppressthyroid function.

In order for you to get enough high qulity protein into your daily diet BiochemNordic has made a protein guide that helps you do exactly this.
The protein guide, teaches you about how much protein you need per day to keep your liver and hormonal balance healthy,what high-quality protein sources that support thyroid function as well as the protein content of the different food sources.

What Lifestyle Changes Can Help Hypothyroidism?

Our hypothyroid treatment method is based on the research of Dr. Ray Peat a leading expert on the interaction between lifestyle nutrition and hormones. If you are not yet familiar with the research of Dr. Ray Peat and you want to overcome hypothyroidism and hormonal imbalances using BiochemNordics natural treatment method we recommend getting our hypothyroid treatment program, which goes through all our diet and lifestyle recommendations for supporting thyroid function.

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Blog Author <br>Thyroid  Specialist<br> Benedicte Lerche MSc PhD
Blog Author
Thyroid Specialist
Benedicte Lerche MSc PhD

I have struggled with hypothyroidism and hormonal problems myself, and I know how hard it is to find the right treatment.

I was very lucky to come in contact with an American Biologist Dr. Ray Peat and with his help and guidance I overcame my symptoms, using a combination of thyroid supporting diet principles, supplements, hormonal support compounds and thyroid replacement therapy.

My goal is to help you use the same holistic and natural thyroid healing method as I did to cure your hypothyroidism and hormonal problems. All my services and products are online, so no matter where you are in the world you can take advantage of this amazing thyroid healing method.

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