Online Thyroid Consultation

Ray peat diet counseling


I focus on the treatment of hypothyroidism and hormonal imbalances. I do online one on one sessions with clients from all over the world. My method is based on the work of Dr. Ray Peat.

In these sessions, there is a focus on your thyroid function and hormonal balance. Our thyroid promoting diet and health advice is customized to your needs.

The counseling sessions take via google video call, thus long distance is no problem. You will get a link for the video call, and you do not need to install any program. I speak English and Danish.

The first session:

In the first session, there is a focus on your metabolic and hormonal issues, and we evaluate your thyroid function. You can test your thyroid function, using our home thyroid test. You can send your pulse rate and temperature measurements prior to the first session.

If you have had thyroid function blood tests done, these are also taken into account and can be e-mail prior to the first session. I can also guide you on which blood test to have done at your doctor if these will be helpful in getting the full picture of your metabolic status. In our Hypothyroid Treatment Program, you can learn more about thyroid blood tests.

Following sessions:

When your thyroid function has been evaluated, we work together in customizing the diet recommendations of our Hypothyroid Treatment Program to your needs, and we look at what supplements are important for you.

Our hypothyroid treatment method includes besides our thyroid supporting diet also nutritional supplements to support metabolism and hormones, natural desiccated thyroid as well as hormonal support with progesterone and pregnenolone.

Many clients have problems with very high-stress hormones and inflammatory symptoms, thus diet and supplement advice to lower stress and inflammation is often an important subject.

If you need more thyroid support than obtained from the diet and nutritional supplements changes, we can help you use natural thyroid supplements to boost your thyroid gland. We do not prescribe medication but, we often work with people who are on prescription thyroid medication from their doctor. In these cases, we can help you manage and understand your medication and your body’s reaction to it. Many clients have problems with estrogen dominance and progesterone deficiency, in these cases, hormonal support compounds are often useful.

Read more about our consultation services, both our one session consultation and our consultation package!

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