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Hypothyroidism Diet?

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Can Diet Affect Energy Levels?

According to Dr. Ray Peat, the gap between the body’s resources and the demands placed on it from the environment creates disease! 
Thus harmful degenerative processes occur instead of repair and healing when there is a lack of cellular energy production. Our diet recommendations support the energy production systems of the body, meaning thyroid function/metabolism.
BiochemNordic’s hypothyroid treatment program provides information and easily understandable explanations on which foods support the body’s thyroid function, and which food directly suppress cellular energy production. Our diet recommendations are based on the revolutionary research f Dr. Ray Peat, who for more than 40 years has researched the interplay between thyroid function and foods.

What Is The Best Thyroid Supporting Diet Plan?

BiochemNordic’s hypothyroid treatment program teaches you about our thyroid supportive diet, you will learn: 
Why sugar is necessary for a healthy metabolism.
What types of carbohydrates and sugars are best for thyroid function 
What oils directly harm your body’s thyroid function.
What types of fats are supportive of cellular energy production.
How much protein your body needs in order to keep the liver healthy.
What types of protein is best for your metabolism.
How to combine food to optimize and stabilize your blood sugar.
What types of supplements are helpful in an energy supportive lifestyle.
And much much more…………
You can learn more about BiochemNordic’s hypothyroid treatment program and see the whole table of content here!
BiochemNordic’s diet guides help you implement our thyroid supportive diet into your daily routine. The diet guides include meal examples and protein and calcium guides that teach you how to get enough of these anti-inflammatory nutrients into your daily diet. Learn more.

Are There Foods To Avoid With Hypothyroidism?

The western diet and many health diets contain foods that directly suppresses thyroid function. So if you are not using a special thyroid supporting diet, you are most likely getting many foods and substances that directly inhibit your thyroid function and cellular energy production.
In our Hypothyroid Treatment Program Module 2, you can learn about what foods and substances suppress your thyroid function. BiochemNordic’s approach to treating hypothyroidism is always to start out with a thyroid supporting diet, before using thyroid medication.

What Is The Ray Peat Thyroid Diet

BiochemNordics thyroid promoting diet advice is based on the research of Dr. Ray Peat, an American biologist who from more than 40 years has researched the interaction between nutrition, hormones, and health.
I have used Dr. Ray Peat’s revolutionizing thyroid promoting diet concepts, in my own hypothyroid recovery. When you visit our homepage ( you can sign up to my mailing list and get my health story, where you can learn how I used Dr. Ray Peat’s diet and health principles to overcome hypothyroidism and hormonal imbalances.

Can You Heal Hypothyroidism With Diet?

You can significantly increase your metabolism by using the right diet principles. In order to have a good thyroid function, you need a high-quality diet each day.
For optimal production of thyroid hormones T4 and T3, your body needs enough high-quality protein, fats, and carbohydrates daily. In addition, special anti-microbial fiber-rich foods and certain vitamins and minerals are essential for a healthy metabolism and hormonal balance.
Our diet advice is based on the research of Dr. Ray Peat. This diet is not just another quick fix, instead, it is built on a deep understanding of how the body works on the biochemical level. The main principle is to provide the cells of your body with the best food sources for producing energy.
Our Hypothyroid Treatment Program is our main product and goes into detail about our diet and health method for overcoming hypothyroidism and hormonal imbalances.

What Is The Connection Between Liver Function Hypothyroidism?

What is the connection between liver function and hypothyroidism?
The liver has many important functions in controlling thyroid function on the cellular level. Without good liver function, your production of the active thyroid hormone (T3) is not sufficient.
The liver controls most of the conversion of the inactive thyroid hormone T4 to the active thyroid hormone T3, and good liver function requires a large amount of high-quality protein as well as good sugars and carbohydrates to function optimally.
High-quality protein can come from certain dairy products, eggs, and selected meats. Healthy carbohydrates come mainly from low starch fruit and vegetables.
A healthy liver function also requires enough of all the b-vitamins as well as selenium, thus it is important to focus on getting enough of these vitamins and minerals through your diet.
Our Hypothyroid Treatment Program goes into detail about how to support liver function with foods and supplements, and our Protein Guide further helps you get enough good high-quality protein.

What Fats Are Good For Thyroid?

An important principle of a thyroid supporting diet is to use the right fats. On a normal western diet, people are getting oils that powerfully suppress thyroid function on every level, including the production of the thyroid hormones in the thyroid gland, transport of the thyroid hormones in the blood as well as the cell’s response to the active thyroid hormone (T3). Therefore our thyroid supporting diet includes fats that support thyroid function and excludes oils that suppress metabolism.
Module 3 of our Hypothyroid Treatment Program goes into detail about the different kinds of fats and oils and how they affect thyroid function.

What Is The Connection Between Liver And Thyroid Function?

The liver has many important functions in controlling thyroid function on the cellular level. Without good liver function, your production of the active thyroid hormone (T3) is not sufficient.
The liver controls most of the conversion of the inactive thyroid hormone T4 to the active thyroid hormone T3, and good liver function requires a large amount of high-quality protein as well as good sugars and carbohydrates to function optimally.
High-quality protein can come from certain dairy products, eggs, and selected meats. Healthy carbohydrates come mainly from low starch fruit and vegetables.
A healthy liver function also requires enough of all the b-vitamins as well as selenium, thus it is important to focus on getting enough of these vitamins and minerals through your diet.
Our Hypothyroid Treatment Program goes into detail about how to support liver function with foods and supplements, and our Protein Guide further helps you get enough good high-quality protein.

What Is The Best Hypothyroidism Diet?

Our Hypothyroid Treatment Program goes through all our diet and health principles for treating hypothyroidism. You will get a detailed description of our diet principles, with biochemical explanations for all our recommendations, as well as other important health and lifestyle information for improving thyroid function and the hormonal balance.
If you want a simple overview of our diet principles without the biochemical explanations the Simple Thyroid Diet Program is a good option. However, if you are not yet familiar with Dr. Ray Peat’s research, you can find some of the recommendations very strange, as our thyroid diet goes against many of the popular health advice.
Thus if you are completely new to Dr. Ray Peat’s health method we strongly suggest getting the Hypothyroid Treatment Program.
Our Thyroid Diet Meal Guide helps you implement our thyroid supporting diet principles into your daily routines. Our Meal Guide provides you with suggestions for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as in between meals for supporting your thyroid function and hormonal balance.

Calcium And Inflammation


How Does A Calcium Deficiency Produce Inflammation?

A lack of calcium in your diet leads to disruption of the body’s calcium metabolism and an increase in the production of a hormone called parathyroid hormone (PTH). An elevated PTH is connected to inflammatory processes therefore getting enough calcium is very important for preventing inflammation-related diseases.

How Does Calcium Influence Hormones?

A lack of calcium in the daily diet influences the general hormonal balance in a negative way, meaning a lack of calcium promotes hormonal disturbances such as:
1. Hypothyroidism (low thyroid function)
2. Elevation of inflammatory mediators
3. Estrogen dominance
4. Progesterone deficiency

How Much Calcium Do I Need Per Day?

Around 2000 mg of calcium per day is very useful for preventing inflammatory problems and hormonal disturbances. Many people do not get the necessary amount of daily calcium.
Avoiding milk and dairy products is contributing to low calcium intake in the general population. In order to get enough calcium daily, dairy products should be included in your diet, also calcium supplements in the form of calcium carbonate can be used to make sure your daily calcium intake is adequate.

What Are Calcium Rich Foods?

In order to obtain enough calcium daily to prevent hormonal disturbances and inflammation, it is important that the daily diet contains calcium-rich foods!
We all know that milk and dairy products are great sources of calcium, but how much of the dairy products are necessary, and are there other foods besides dairy that are rich in calcium too? You can learn more about how to get enough calcium into your daily diet in BiochemNordic’s calcium guide.

Dr. Ray Peat’s Carrot Salad

carrot ray peat

How Dr. Ray Peat’s Carrot Salad Help Digestion?

Dr. Ray Peat’s carrot salad is famous among many health-conscious people. Dr. Ray Peat has eaten a raw carrot salad for 20 years, in order to keep his digestion healthy.

Raw carrots are extremely good at improving digestion. A carrot grows underground and therefore produces anti-microbial and anti-fungal substances that protect it from its environment.

When raw carrots are eaten they have the ability to clean the intestine from bad bacteria and fungus, the fiber of the carrots also binds and carries out toxins from the body.

Just eating 1-2 raw carrots per day have a beneficial effect on digestion, which improves overall health as digestion is closely connected to the body’s overall health status.

How To Make Dr. Ray Peat’s Carrot Salad?

Even better than eating raw carrots is Dr. Ray Peat’s famous carrot salad. This salad has the ability to greatly improve your health by thoroughly cleaning your intestine.

Dr. Ray Peat’s carrot salad consists of raw carrots, grated lengthwise so that long fibers are created.
The grated carrot is eaten with:
1. Vinegar (without additives, for instance, able cider vinegar)
2. Saturated fat (olive oil, or MCT oil)
3. Salt and maybe garlic

The combination of the saturated fat and the acetic acid of the vinegar increases the germicidal effect of the carrot fibers. Using MCT oil is a good choice, it is liquid at room temperature and it has a lower level of polyunsaturated fat than olive oil.
If you want to know more about why you should avoid polyunsaturated fats but include on saturated fats, in your thyroid supporting diet our Hypothyroid Treatment Program is for you.

What Is Ray Peat’s Carrot Salad Summer Version?

Dr. Ray Peat’s carrot salad summer edition is a sweeter version of the carrot salad presented above and includes:
1. A big shredded carrot lengthwise
2. Fresh strawberries and or raisins, 
3. A ripe banana
4. Lemon juice for freshness

The raw carrot fibers clean the intestine and improve digestions. The fruit contains fructose which supports thyroid function and promotes stable blood sugar, the lemon juice like vinegar is also germicidal.

On our website ( you can learn more about our diet advice, which aims at optimizing cellular energy production, thyroid function, and hormonal balance. You can also learn more about our thyroid diet recommendation in our blog post: Hypothyroidism diet.

In our Hypothyroid Treatment program, you will learn all aspects of our thyroid supporting diet. Module 10 of this program concern gut health and informs you about other nutritional fibers, besides carrots for improving digestion as well as how sulfur supplements can help combat fungus infections such as candida.

Protein Deficiency Causes Hypothyroidism


Is Protein Good For Hypothyroidism?

A low protein intake is often contributing to hypothyroidism and hormonal disturbances. A protein rich daily diet is extremely important for a healthy thyroid function and hormonal balance. Your diet plays a huge role in your metabolic rate, and different types of diets can significantly affect your thyroid function either prositively or negatively. BiochemNordic’s hypothyroid treatment program explains our thyroid promoting diet advice in detail.

Does Protein Affect Thyroid Function?

The thyroid gland produces two hormones two-third is T4 and one third is T3. T3 is the active thyroid hormone that control cellular energy production and T4 is a storage homone, which is turned into the active thyroid hormone T3 in the bodies tissues, primarily the liver. Therefore the liver is an essential organ for thyroid function on the cellular level.

A good diet is nessasary for a healthy liver and a protein deficeny significaly reduces liver function and its ability to acitive the thyroid hormone.

Acording to Dr. Ray Peat, many people become hypothyroid because they continuously are on a protein defienct diet, having only around 40 grams of protein dailly, which is not enough. Generally it is important to use a high protein diet daily in order to support liver and thyroid fucntion. It is also important that the protein sources come from high qulity foods that support cellular energy production.

Importantly many protein sources that are promoted as health foods are not suitbale in a thyroid supportive lifestyle as they directly suppressthyroid function.

In order for you to get enough high qulity protein into your daily diet BiochemNordic has made a protein guide that helps you do exactly this.
The protein guide, teaches you about how much protein you need per day to keep your liver and hormonal balance healthy,what high-quality protein sources that support thyroid function as well as the protein content of the different food sources.

What Lifestyle Changes Can Help Hypothyroidism?

Our hypothyroid treatment method is based on the research of Dr. Ray Peat a leading expert on the interaction between lifestyle nutrition and hormones. If you are not yet familiar with the research of Dr. Ray Peat and you want to overcome hypothyroidism and hormonal imbalances using BiochemNordics natural treatment method we recommend getting our hypothyroid treatment program, which goes through all our diet and lifestyle recommendations for supporting thyroid function.

Thyroid supporting dish for Valentines’s day


Supporting your thyroid function with the right diet is a must for people with hypothyroidism, as well as everyone that wish to keep their metabolic rate up.
BiochemNordic’s thyroid promoting health advice includes a special and very different diet that speeds up your cellular energy production.

Our Valentines dish is more than 100 years old and originally from the countryside of Denmark. The name of the dish in Danish is Brændende Kærlighed and directly translated it means Burning Love. This recipe is very simple, as it only consists of a few ingredients, which are perfect for supporting your thyroid function! That is why we have chosen to present this great dish for you! Today, this dish is still served in many Danish homes and it is especially great for a cold and dark winter evening and Valentine’s day!

Burning love recipe:

Two persons
Preparation time: 30 minutes


Mashed potatoes
600 g (1.3 lb) potatoes (russet)
1 dl (2/5 cup) milk
25 g (1 oz) butter

200 g (7 oz) diced bacon
2 onions


  • Peel the baked potatoes and cut them in quarts.
  • Boil the potatoes in unsalted water, until tender; this usually takes about 20 minutes.
  • While the potatoes are boiling; peel the onions and slice them finely.
  • On a frying pan; fry the diced bacon until they are almost nice and crisp.
  • Add the sliced onions and fry until they become soft, transparent and a little golden.
  • When the potatoes are done; pour away the water and let them cool off a bit without the lid.
  • Add the boiled potatoes into a large bowl and whip with butter and milk until all the potatoes are mashed. The consistency of the mash should be somewhat solid. Add salt to taste.
  • Serve this dish with the mashed potatoes at the bottom and the bacon and onions as a topping, the fat from the frying pan are also used as a sauce. Sprinkle with a some chopped parsley.

Burning Love is traditionally served with pickled beetroots, these can be hard to find outside of Denmark, but in the United States, they can be found at the World Market stores.

Thyroid supporting diet

The recipe for burning love contains thyroid supporting ingredients. This might seem strange but According to Dr. Ray Peat the saturated fats from the butter and the bacon support cellular energy products. The well-boiled potatoes are also very suitable for a healthy thyroid function.

A normal western diet contains foods that directly suppress thyroid function, both the production of the thyroid hormones T4 and T3 but also the cellular response to these hormones. By eliminating all the thyroid-suppressing foods and instead basing your diet only on foods that promote metabolism and a healthy hormonal balance, your thyroid function is strengthened.

You can learn more about our thyroid promoting diet in BiochemNordic’s hypothyroid treatment program. Our diet advice will revolutionize the way you eat.

Hypothyroid treatment program

BiochemNordic’s hypothyroid treatment program teaches you how to support metabolism with food. The program contains easy to understand biochemical explanations for each diet recommendation. The program contains crucial information on hormonal supportive supplements, including thyroid replacement therapy, the use of natural anti-aging and anti-stress hormones, as well as helpful vitamins, minerals, and herbs.

10 Diet Tips To Boost Your Thyroid!


Can I Boost My Thyroid With Diet?

1. Avoid all polyunsaturated fats meaning liquid oils, nuts, and seeds, as these strongly inhibit your thyroid function on many different levels.

2. Use coconut oil and butter as your sources of fat. Saturated fats and especially coconut oil support your thyroid function.

3. Get lots of protein from milk products, eggs, shellfish, and meat. Good quality protein is important for a healthy liver and the liver is important for the activation of the inactive thyroid hormone T4 to the active hormone T3.

4. Get good sugars from ripped fruits and fruit juices, orange juice is a great choice. You can increase your thyroid function by about 25% by supplying your body with good sugars.

5. Combine your meals to include both protein, fats, and carbohydrates. When your body gets a full meal, the stress hormones are lowered and your metabolism is strengthened.

6. Keep your blood sugar steady by having milk and fruit between meals.  A steady blood sugar keeps your metabolism up.

7. Avoid indigestible fibers including seed, grains, and raw vegetables in general. These fibers can feed bacteria in the intestine and produce toxins.

8. Eat one to two raw carrots per day to clean your intestine. Carrots are an exception to the advice in number 7 and should be used raw, due to the antimicrobial properties of the raw carrot fibers.

9. Use lots of coffee with milk and sugar throughout the day (unless intolerable). Coffee stimulates metabolism and contains magnesium and B-vitamins.

10. Get sunlight every day, if there is no sunlight, use light therapy lamps to support your thyroid and hormonal balance.

On my website you can learn much more about my hypothyroid treatment method. A good place to start your thyroid healing is our Hypothyroidism Cure package.

Dr. Ray Peat’s weight loss tips

Here are diet tips to a healthy and lasting weight loss:
  • Avoid all polyunsaturated fats, meaning liquid oils, nuts, and seeds.
  • Use coconut oil and MCT oil as your fat sources, these types of fats increases your metabolic rate.
  • Avoid starches meaning bread, rice, and pasta, as they increase your fat production.
  • Use boiled vegetables including potatoes instead of starches with your evening meal.
  • Use 100 grams of good protein per day including meat from ruminant animals, shellfish, eggs, low-fat milk, low-fat Greek yogurt, and low-fat cheese.
  • Use lots of calcium-rich foods including low-fat cheese, low-fat milk, and Greek yogurt. The calcium in these foods is a very important metabolic regulator, in that calcium inhibits the fat-forming enzyme, fatty acid synthase, and increase the mitochondrial function.
  • Use orange juice and low starchy fruits between meals, to keep your blood sugar up and increase your production of the active thyroid hormone T3.
  • Eat two big raw carrots per day. The carrot fibers clean out your intestine and fill you up so you are less hungry.
BiochemNordic’s online program provides much more crucial health information, as well as easy to understand biochemical explanations behind the presented tips for weight loss. If you want to live a healthy life with a good metabolic rate then BiochemNordic’s online program and membership are for you!

Dr. Ray Peat’s chocolate cake

world's best chocolate cake - without flour

Is Chocolate Good For Thyroid?

Chocolate contains the saturated fat cacao butter, which supports thyroid function at every level, meaning chocolate fat (cacao butter) supports the release of the thyroid hormones from the thyroid gland, the transport of the thyroid hormone in the bloodstream, and the cells responds to the thyroid hormone. Making saturated fats like cacao butter a part of your daily diet can significantly support your thyroid function. Learn the details of BiochemNordic’s thyroid supporting diet advice in our Hypothyroid Treatment Program.

What Is The Best Chocolate Cake Recipe?

I tried this cake for the first time at a friend’s birthday party, and I must say it was very good. My friend got the recipe from the Danish magazine ‘Femina’. Surprisingly the cake is without flour, and only with ingredients that are part of BiochemNordic’s thyroid supportive diet, thus I want to share it here on my health thyroid health blog – enjoy”.

Chocolate cake for 12 people:
4 eggs
260 g (9,2 Ounces) sugar
1 dl  (0.4 Cup) boiling water
300 g (10.6 Ounces) dark chocolate 85% 
200 g (7 Ounces) unsalted butter

Chocolate cake recipe – how to do it:

1. Whip the eggs with 1/3 of the sugar until the amount is quadrupled (it takes about 10 minutes with an electric whisker).

2. Boil the water and the rest of the sugar into a thick sugar batter. Chop the chocolate roughly and add it together with the butter into the sugar batter. Stir until dissolved and then remove from heat. It is important that the sugar batter is very thick and that butter and chocolate are completely dissolved. 

3.  Very gently add the chocolate mass to the egg mass, it is important to add a little at the time and mix very gently.

4. Distribute the chocolate cake dough into a round or square mold of about 20 cm and with a 5 cm high edge lined with baking paper. Put the mold in a deep oven-proof dish filled with boiling water (it is important that the water goes up to the edge of the mold with the dough).

5. Bake the cake in the water bath for 50 minutes in a 160 ° C (320 °F ) hot oven. Once it has got 50 minutes, test with a knitting needle, and if it sticks, then give it 10 minutes more. Cool the cake, before taking it out of the mold, by turning 

– Always store your chocolate cake in the refrigerator. The cake is best the day after.  
You can learn more about eggs, butter, and chocolate and why these are so good for your thyroid in the BiochemNordic’s Hypothyroid Treatment Program.

Coffee stimulates thyroid function!

coffee ray peat

Coffee stimulates your thyroid function, due to its high content of caffeine and thyroid supporting vitamins and minerals. Thus coffee should be a stable part of your daily thyroid supporting diet plan. You can learn more about our thyroid supporting diet principles in our blog post about the best thyroid diet. You can also learn more in our hypothyroid treatment programs

According to Dr. Ray Peat, a world-leading thyroid expert, coffee has so many health benefits that coffee should be incorporated into your daily diet. Dr. Ray Peat recommends drinking coffee every day to stimulate thyroid function and prevent inflammatory diseases.

Coffee contains significant amounts of caffeine and is a good source of minerals and B-vitamins, especially magnesium and vitamin B3. both magnesium and vitamin B3 has many thyroids promoting

Coffee stimulates the metabolism/thyroid function and is a good anti-inflammatory substance. There is no exact upper limit to how much coffee one can use per day, and it has been found that more than five cups per day have very protective effects against Alzheimer, Parkinson, liver disease etc.

If black coffee creates low blood sugar and stress like reactions, avoid drinking black coffee on an empty stomach. Instead, use coffee only with meals and/or use cream and sugar with the coffee.

You can learn more about our thyroid promoting diet in BiochemNordic’s hypothyroid treatment program learn more about the program here!