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Health Method?

My health method focuses on shifting the body away from a low metabolic state with stress and inflammation to a higher energy state where repair and healing can take place. 

The health method is based on my own health journey as well as the amazing research of Dr. Ray Peat.

Dr. Ray Peat’s health principles are not just a quick fix, instead, they are built on a deep understanding of how the body works on the biochemical level.

Who is Dr. Ray Peat

Dr. Ray Peat is an American researcher and health expert.

The key notion of Dr. Ray Peat

He has a Ph.D. in biology and for more than 40 years he has researched the interactions between diet, hormones, and health. The key notion of Dr. Ray Peat is that the gap between the body's energy resources and the demands places on it by the environment creates disease.

The importance of good Thyroid function

Low metabolism also called low thyroid function or hypothyroidism means that the cells of the body are not producing enough energy. The low cellular energy state makes the body unable to meet the demands placed on it by the environment. 

Low cellular energy leads to inflammation & disease

In the low cellular energy state, the body loses structure and function and lets harmful degenerative processes occur including inflammatory and degenerative processes.  Thus low thyroid function has devastating consequences for the body, creating many different symptoms.

High cellular energy Supports Repair & Healings

My health method is based on the research of Ray Peat. The health method aims at shifting your body to a high-energy state with good thyroid function and healthy hormonal balance, where repair and healing can take place. 

Ray Peat diet?

According to Dr. Ray Peat, the normal western diet includes foods that directly suppress thyroid function and cellular energy production.

The principle of the Ray Peat diet is to base your daily food choices on thyroid-supporting foods and eliminate foods that directly inhibit metabolism and cellular energy production, thereby your body is strengthened.  

In the Hypothyroid Treatment Program, you learn about Dr. Ray Peat’s diet recommendations in detail. 

You can also get a short overview of the Ray Peat diet in our Diet Plan.

Several of the other e-learning materials provide more information on the different aspects of the Ray Peat diet. 

Ray Peat Diet

Nutritional supplements?

I also use nutritional supplements including selected vitamins, minerals, and herbs, as well as probiotics to support the body and heal the metabolism.

All supplement recommendations are based on the research of Dr. Ray Peat. 

The Hypothyroid Treatment Program gives information on very important aspects of using nutritional supplements.

The other e-learning materials provide more information on different helpful supplements.

Thyroid replacement?

Using the right kind of thyroid replacement therapy can significantly help restore the metabolic rate. 

Most people diagnosed with hypothyroidism (low thyroid function) are prescribed Levothyroxine (T4). 

However, it is important to remember that the human thyroid gland produces two thyroid hormones T4 and T3.

According to Dr. Ray Peat, it is very important to use a combination therapy of both T4 and T3 to simulate the natural thyroid gland. 

We do not prescribe medication but our Thyroid Medication Guide provides information about the best types of thyroid medication.

Our Thyroid Supplement Guide gives you information on reliable brands of over-the-counter thyroid support supplements, which can be very helpful if you do not have a prescription for thyroid.

Ray Peat Thyroid Medication
thyroid- progesterone-pregnenolone

Hormonal support supplements

Dr. Ray Peat recommends hormonal support in the form of natural progesterone and pregnenolone.

These hormones are produced in our body as part of our natural anti-aging and anti-stress systems.

The levels of these hormones decrease with age and can become deficient in situations of stress, inflammation, and sickness such as hypothyroidism. 

In our Hypothyroid Treatment Program, you can learn more about the symptoms of low pregnenolone and progesterone, as well as how you can support your own synthesis of these hormones.

Progesterone and pregnenolone supplements can often provide great relief for people with estrogen dominance and high levels of stress hormones.

In our Hormonal Support Guide, you get product recommendations for pregnenolone and progesterone as well as detailed information on how you use these supplements. 

In some countries, these natural hormones are considered nutritional supplements and in other countries, they are defined as medications. It is important to follow the guideline of your country, as outlined in our disclaimer. 

Nutritional & Metabolic Counseling

Changing your diet to promote your thyroid function can sometimes be tricky and individual adjustments are often necessary.

Using thyroid replacement therapy is not a do-it-yourself project. Your body can react negatively if you do not use thyroid medication or supplements the right way.

Please keep in mind that even if you have been able to successfully resolve your thyroid problem, you possibly still have periodic issues, and diet and supplement adjustments often need to be made as your body starts healing and your metabolism increases.

You should have a knowledgeable counselor to help you create a specialized treatment program for you.

I do video counseling sessions, with people from all over the world. So you can get specialized help in private one-on-one sessions no matter where you live. 

Dr. Ray Peat thyroid counseling
Video Counseling with Benedicte Lerche MSc PhD

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